April 14, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Portmagee, Early July Morning

The little fishing village of Portmagee in southwest Kerry becomes a magnet for tourists during the summer and is one of the places I usually visit during my holidays. I’m an early riser, and usually out of the house by 5am. That doesn’t change on holidays, so I often head out on my bike. It is so peaceful to be pedalling along the quiet country roads early in the morning. Every bend brings a new view, and the light changes constantly.


It’s just over 30km to Portmagee and the journey always brings new ideas. The Ring of Kerry route takes nearly two hours, through some of the most epic landscapes ever. A few good climbs get the heart pumping too. Cycling can be like a meditation for me.


It’s no secret I am drawn to bright colours, and I love the strong, primary colours of the houses in Portmagee. It’s like something you can imagine in a Toy town, the crisply painted boats, and the clear water, reflecting the bluest skies. The  fishermen's gear is scattered around the pier, just as it has done for hundreds of years. There’s something timeless about a fishing village.

My camera comes with me during my solo cycle tours and a photo I took last year is the inspiration behind my latest Portmagee painting.  This is a video I made while painting it. I hope it gives you a good idea of what goes into creating my work.