One of the places I feel happiest is painting at my easel. When I'm painting, I lose myself in the moment.
I always take inspiration from everyday life, waves, surrounding landscape, even clouds (my new fixation) and through my paintings I infuse energy and colour perspective that reflects my mood and feeling.
As I continue to work with oil paint, I am learning to have patience. The time it takes to paint is now longer but I know the results are worth it. The nuances of colour that can be achieved with the oil paints is far superior in my opinion.
My paintings are more than a pretty picture, they come from my soul. They are original and with the demand for them, they are an investment. I find it both disconcerting and gratifying, that people can have such a strong responses to my work. My work is very personal to me and it is a joy to share it with you.
Thank you for helping me continue to do what I really love.
To enquire about any aspect of my current work please feel free to get in touch.