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Change is Good

Change is Good

It’s been a while since I put figuratively put pen to paper, but rest assured my paint brushes and easel have been getting a real work-out.

My Beyond the Herd series has been great fun to paint and the feedback I have received has been fantastic.

At our Gallery launch I chatted to so many people and it was thrilling to meet them. People came from all over Ireland!

I always appreciate such direct feedback. Not everyone loves a cow, so widening the animal range has been fun.




So far, the Know it Alls (the owls) are proving very popular, and who doesn’t know and love a Know it all!

As soon as Beyond the Herd was completed, I threw myself into some seascapes. I love the rigour of these paintings, their larger size and the enormous challenge of creating light, transparency and movement with paint. There is a level of technicality that always teaches me something. My creative process involves experimenting with techniques, styles, and materials, which can be both deeply satisfying and intellectually stimulating.



Usually, I try to impart a character into my animal subjects, and sometimes a little with landscapes, but these waves are like a meditation, they are about energy not character. Capturing that energy and applying it to a two-dimensional surface is incredibly exciting. I hope you like them.


Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I’m not exactly sure where we’ll end up but I’m sure it will be fun…

Let me know what you think!








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