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The Dreamer Original

There’s no hiding my fascination with cows. I just love their curiosity, and like people, they each seem to have their own personality. Capturing that energy is a driving force in my painting.

Cow Crazy

As I have mentioned before, I have been working in oils more recently and am really enjoying the depth of colour I can achieve in this medium. Everything seems brighter, clearer and deeper. The only downside is the extended drying time, and my tendency to keep re-working, but that’s the perfectionist in me!

The latest additions to the herd are The Dreamer Original ; The Joker Original ; Left of Field Original ; The Poser Original and Top of the Field Original .These paintings are also available as fine art prints, find them here: fine art prints

The Poser Original

What people tell me is they love the expressions of the cows, but opinions regarding which is their favourite can stimulate heated discussions. It is gratifying for me as an artist that my paintings can trigger such opinions.

Do I have a favourite? Well probably not, like my children, I couldn’t possibly express a preference!

Moo Press

Many thanks to Aisling for her article in Agriland about me and my paintings. You can read it here: Agriland Eoin O Connor interview

Bet my mother never thought I’d feature in a farming article about painting cows when I was doing my Leaving Certificate all those years ago.

Best of luck to all the students doing their exams.