My love for painting is now more than ever a driving force in my life. I have always pushed myself to see where the journey will take me. While my work is known for cows, landscapes, and seascapes, I have had a burning desire to push further.
Some of my past work has elements of abstract but this year I decided the pull towards abstract art was too strong to ignore. Naively I started my abstract journey thinking it would be a simple process… it wasn’t. I struggled initially, but when I focused on the core elements of my art, I started to find my way. I learnt that abstract art allows for a great deal of freedom and self-expression. It is about conveying emotions, ideas and concepts through colour and shape rather than a realistic representation. My love for colour, use of light and shade and creation of depth in my work are the elements that provide a bridge between my past and current work.
My inspiration for this work is time and place. Focusing on memories and emotions that I have linked to my life’s work. This has created a body of work that give a personal and subtle landscape theme, making this work very meaningful to me. I have found this work a fantastic way to express the intangible aspects of life and allows the viewers to interpret my work in their own way, which I hope will lead to powerful emotional connections.
This series of paintings are my first step into abstract art. Embracing the unknown and being excited about where this journey will take me, allows me to stay open to new possibilities and experiences.
I hope you can join me on this journey and follow my artistic growth and evolution.