I have been in the fortunate position of selling my paintings as soon as I finish them for the last few years. While this is every artist dream its kind of frustrating as I can never get a body of paintings together. November 2020 I decided to paint a collection and launch it all at the same time.

I have painted 32 paintings over 7 months, I have decided to paint dogs and I have called the series The Mutz Collection

I have a great love of colour and I have used the colour wheel as a basis for this collection. I have attempted to bring out Human characteristics in my Mutz

This collection features a range of funky home wares and sell worldwide, I have been designing them in collaboration with Tipperary Crystal. Making the paintings well known and, in my opinion, an investment.


10% of the sales of The Mutz Fine art prints are being donated to Dogs Trust Ireland and Ash animal rescue, which are both very worthy causes.